Health and Safety

The biggest risk to the health and safety of your employees is change. Whether it’s a change of employees, a change of environment or a change of management, by ensuring policies and procedures are regularly assessed and revised accordingly you’ll avoid health and safety problems within your company.

By appointing a health and safety consultant, you’ll save the time and research required to keep up to date with changes in health and safety laws and by working with a health and safety professional you’ll be confident of compliance.

Health and Safety Policy

Businesses with 5 employees or more are legally required to have a health and safety policy. The complexity of your policy will depend upon a number of factors such as levels of risk, type of industry, the products being manufactured or the services being provided to your customers. It will need to include a statement of intent, responsibilities for health and safety and arrangements for health and safety.

By having a clear, relevant and up to date Health and Safety Policy, your employees will feel valued and have an instruction manual that will enable them to take responsibility upon themselves for their own safety and the safety of their colleagues.

Our health and safety experts can identify and create a bespoke policy for your team, then help you to implement it within your business.

Site Safety Audits

Part of ensuring that your environment remains safe is regular inspection and maintenance. It doesn’t take much for standards to slip while you are looking the other way, so it pays to keep on top of what your staff are doing, ensure tools and equipment are correctly maintained, and keep track of any changes that may have taken place on your site.

We can carry out your site safety inspections, check policies and procedures, then make sure recommendations are implemented as easily as possible, ensuring your employees are able to get on with the role they’re being paid to do.

Risk Assessments

It’s often difficult to recognise the risks present within your business and the environment in which it operates. Trying to identify them yourself is time consuming enough, but then deciding the actions that need to be taken and by whom can be overwhelming.

Save hours of research by appointing our health and safety consultants who will quickly identify and assess the common risks present in every work environment then help you create the paperwork that’s needed to highlight and address the issues within your business.

It will prevent accidents and injuries, which can lead to long-term sick leave, compensation claims and reduced levels of productivity or customer satisfaction.

Method Statements

Used alongside risk assessments, method statements are typically required within the construction industry. These detailed documents describe exactly how to carry out work safely, which is particularly important in high risk environments such as building sites.

Our advisors can attend the site to ensure all the correct risks are identified, recommend the best method of controlling each risk and exactly how to implement those controls. Projects, key customers and ultimately lives can be lost if method statements are not correctly written and implemented.

Compliance Audits

Health and safety can easily be neglected or forgotten, when businesses are busy meeting the demands of the customer. Regular audits will make sure your company is meeting the current rules and regulations for health and safety.

Our health and safety experts will check policies, procedures and working practices needed for your organisation. Typically this would include electrical safety, hazardous substances, premises safety, health and safety signage, contractors, insurance and a whole range of practical solutions for keeping your workforce safe whilst carrying out their daily responsibilities.

COSHH Assessments

Similar to a risk assessment, COSHH assessments deal with risks that can cause serious, life changing, long term and life threatening health conditions.

They are usually associated with high risk environments that may typically have the following hazards present: harmful substances, chemicals and dust or airborne particles.

Our team will help you identify the hazards then recommend the controls that need putting in place and working practices that need to be implemented to minimise risk.


Due to working with so many companies in the industrial sector, Hillcrest Safety Consultants are experienced in giving practicable support and guidance to help small businesses and large companies achieve the following third-party accreditations:

  • CHAS
  • Constructionline
  • Alcumus SafeContractor
  • SMAS Worksafe

Contact Hillcrest Safety Consultants for help and advice regarding health and safety within your organisation.